Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Chicken wings are for eating, not bowling

Last week I talked about how to properly hook a bowling ball. This week I would like to talk about your arm swing and some common flaws that people have that cause inconsistencies in there release. 

Often when bowlers try to hook a bowling ball they try to use their arm to make this happen. When you try to use your arm, your wrist and hand, your arm will swing away from your body. This is where the term “chicken wing” came from in the sport. If your elbow turns away from your body then your arm swing is not properly in line with your target.  This will cause your shot to be inaccurate. I have a couple tips to help keep your arm swing closer to your body on delivery, and help you become more consistent. What happens when you become more consistent?  You produce higher scores. Don’t we all want higher scores? I know I do. So keep reading and find out how.  

First let’s look at your starting position. You should have your bowling arm close to your body in your starting position. Why would you make an extra motion to physically take your arm swing away from your body? You really shouldn’t do more then you have to. The first tip sounds simple just start with your bowling arm closer to your body in your starting position. The second tip will be an oldie but a goodie. Back in the day a lot of teaching pros used to tuck a towel in your armpit at your starting position. The goal was to not have that towel fall from your body until you released your bowling ball. This teaching aid still works today. So your second tip is to either visualize a towel under your arm pit or you can actually take a towel and place it under your arm pit when you go out to practice.  

Using these simple tips can keep your swing inline and become more consistent. Go ahead and try these tips and let me know what has worked and, if it has improved your consistency. Trust me these simple things will greatly improve your game I have done them myself and used them in my coaching sessions. So remember, eat the chicken wings, don’t use them in bowling. Oh yea and by all means do not eat those wings with the same hand you bowl with. See you next week, same time, and same place. Oh and if you are not on our email list, you need to sign up to see the special sales we will be running this holiday season.  

T.J. Yeip is the Manager and Lead Technical Advisor for GLC Bowling. You can email him directly at

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