Saturday, July 4, 2015
MUTANT CELL by Roto Grip

On the shelf… 

Wow this is a stand out ball on the shelf. The colors are wild! It definitely will get noticed. It is a bold statement with the color combination, but Roto Grip is a stand out kind of company so this fits well with them.


On the lanes…

I tested this ball with two different surfaces on the same typical house shot condition. I first tested this on Anvil Lane surface with the out of the box finish. This new mutant cell with the 2000 box finish, combined with my layout made this one very aggressive bowling ball. Trying to square up on the lane was not an option. This ball has tremendous midlane reaction and a smoother back end reaction out of the box for me personally. I definitely had to move into the great wall of oil to keep this mutant cell in the pocket. Once I got lined up the first thing I saw was sheer power. I usually do not throw pins around, but I did with the Mutant cell. My next test was to take the Mutant cell to 4000 abralon and polish it.  Doing this I had a much straighter ball reaction. With the combination of surface and the great wall of oil on the lanes, this went to long for my bowling style. If I was on a little less oil volume, I feel the polish would have worked out the best. Pin action on this Mutant Cell stays in place just like the rest of the Cell Line, even with the slight variance they did to the core.


In conclusion…

The new Mutant Cell is best suited to fit in the arsenal for those heavier longer oil patterns. The High rev players will need to touch the surface for them, but us tweeners and strokers have a new Roto Grip ball that will attack the heavy oil. If you are on more of a medium pattern, then I suggest the higher rev players to apply a little bit of polish and watch this thing turn the corner. This will be a ball in my bag, just in case I run into a sport pattern that that has the longer pattern. I think we can say that Roto Grip is breaking through the market with a wide variety of bowling balls to attack most conditions.


Color: Red/Black/Yellow
Cover: Cytoplasmic XL Solid Reactive
Weight Block: Nucleus II
RG: 2.54
Differential: 0.047

Review ball: 15 Lbs
Layout:  30 degree drilling angle pin 4.0 from P.A.P. 55 degree angle to VAL
Surface 2000 abralon

GLC’s “Out of 5 Stars” Rating…

Appeal: 4.25 Length: 3.75 Back End: 4.25

All balls were equipped with Turbo Insert products including the #1 selling interchangeable thumb insert, Switch Grip. For details on their premium line of insert products and accessories, visit



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